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Quit Thinking……….Yet Start Thinking!

Humble people don’t think less of themselves; they just think of themselves less.    – C.S. Lewis

We are a society of selfish people.  And you are probably shaking your head and agreeing whole-heartedly thinking about that arrogant, selfish co-worker or the selfish neighbor down the street.  You’ve seen selfish people at the mall who whip in front of you almost causing a crash to get the parking spot up front.

We see selfish people on TV and read about selfishness with the rich and famous.  We see people who only think of themselves and what is best for their career or their lives no matter who they hurt or who they step on as they climb the ladder of success.

Yep……….we are shaking our head in agreement and shaking our head in disgust right now!  Those terrible, awful, selfish people.

But STOP!  At times we are some of those people.  We, too think a little higher of ourselves than we should.  We get caught up in what we want and what others can do for us!

For example:  While at a restaurant and the food takes a little longer than we think it should – “where is our food?  This is crazy”.  While at the checkout at a retail store – “they should have more lines open this time of day.”  When going to a party – “why in the world did they have it this weekend?  It’s so hot outside.  Why did they have a party this far out of town?”

It’s not about US!  The world does not revolve around what’s best for us and most comfortable in our schedule and our way of thinking.  We really need to quit thinking so much about ourselves and start thinking about the needs of others.

Philippians 2:3 – Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

I challenge you today to do one thing for someone else and one LESS thing for yourself.  Sacrifice a little.  Be intentional!!  Holding a door for someone because you always do it is a nice gesture but I challenge you to go further and be intentional.  One Christian radio station has a “Thursday Drive-Thru Challenge” encouraging you to pay for someone’s meal behind you in a drive-thru and tell the clerk to tell the person you were doing a kindness act for the Lord that day.

Do you know how many people you could touch by doing this one act?!  And then maybe that person would do the same.  And like the Clairol® commercial – “and so on and so on”.

We can make a difference one thought – one selfless thought at a time!!  Do it today!!!  I triple dog dare you………….QUIT THINKING (about yourself) ……..YET START THINKING (about someone else)!

Love Your Lamp!

2 Samuel 22:29 – You are my lamp, O Lord; the Lord turns my darkness into light.

I love to decorate.  I have my dining room and kitchen tables set all the time and decorated with different themes.  I don’t have the best china and silverware.  Fun dishes from WalMart, Target and Big Lots work for my themes.  I love reading HGTV magazine and looking at Pinterest® for decorating ideas.  My husband always knows when I’ve been diving into the decorating shows or books when he comes home to a mess and a smiling face saying, “honey what do you think about this idea?”  hahahha

I love lamps, too.  Not just any lamp – but really cool, unique, “turn-your-head” lamps with unique shapes or shades.  Something that can make a room POP!  But as I was looking at some cool lamps and lamp shades recently, I was reminded that although the outside of these lamps are all different and fun, they all provide the same thing I need for that room……LIGHT.  No matter what shape or color of lamp I purchase, the result will be the same when I turn it on – a light to help guide me through the room in the darkness.
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Gifts that Light Up Your Life

I love giving gifts.  It doesn’t have to be Christmas or a special birthday (although I absolutely love giving Christmas gifts).  I just love to make a difference to someone every day and to show people how special they are.

Think about a gift you have received that was very special and that you use a lot.  When you use it, it makes you think of the person who gave you that gift and maybe brings a sweet smile to your face.

Last Christmas I got a gift from a friend that was a beautiful decorative lantern filled with fun kitchen items.  She had rolled up a tan kitchen towel, another complimentary brown kitchen towel and strategically placed small bright orange kitchen utensils in the lantern sticking up from the towels.  It was absolutely adorable.  I use that small orange set of tongs and spatula all the time.  I placed a battery-operated candle in the lantern and have it setting on my fireplace mantle.  Every time I use those utensils and look at my lantern, I think of my friend, Brenda and smile.  I am very thankful for our close relationship.

That is how our spiritual gifts are from the Lord.  He carefully chooses the gifts He gives us.  He wraps them in His love and strategically places them within your heart to be revealed at just the right time.  When you start using your spiritual gift, you will be overwhelmed at the joy you receive.  When you experience this joy, you will smile as you remember who gave you that special gift – your Heavenly Father.  And when He sees you using that gift, it warms His heart.

Romans 12:6-8 says:  We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.  If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith.  If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully.

If you aren’t certain what your spiritual gifts are, then take a spiritual gift survey.  Your pastor or leader in the church should be able to help you with that.  If not, just email me and I will find one especially for you!!

One of the ways to recognize a spiritual gift from the Lord, is to think about what you do for others that brings you joy.  Perhaps it is sending cards to encourage others.  Or maybe it is leading the teenagers.  Maybe it is hosting gatherings in your home and serving others.

I don’t know what YOUR gift is, but I know that God will reveal it to you when you ask and seek guidance from additional resources if you need to.  He is so happy to be able to give you that gift and loves to see you enjoy it and use it for good.  And when you do, you can’t help but smile and thank Him for that special gift.

Now excuse me, while I go turn on my lantern and enjoy a little light from my friend!

TLC – Tender Loving Cards!

I purchased a magazine the other day that has all kinds of cool cards to make.  I love scrapbooking and card making and don’t take time to do it as much as I would like.  I thought to myself “I think I will start making a card each week and send it to someone special.”

I love getting cards and I love sending cards.

I looked at the front of the magazine and the title is “JUST CARDS!” I’m sure the meaning behind the name is “there are not any other kinds of crafts in this magazine – just cards.”

But I wonder how many times we start to send a card to someone and then think to ourselves, “it’s just a card.  It doesn’t really matter.”  But I’m telling you IT DOES MATTER.

In today’s world of technology where the easiest thing to do is send an email and a text message, a card in the mail means a whole lot.

It means you were thinking of that person.
It means you took time to pick out a card.
It means you took time to fill it out.
It means you took time to look up the mailing address.
It means you took time to purchase a stamp.
It means you took time to stop and put it in the mailbox.

I challenge you today to send one card each week for the next month.  It doesn’t have to be homemade.  Most every grocery store has cards.  Just take the time to pick out an important person to send it to.  Take time to choose the card carefully.  Take time to write a few words.   Take time to say a little prayer over the card before you send it asking God’s blessings on the recipient.

They are not JUST CARDS……….they are examples of a little extra touch of care.  It’s a TLC – tender loving card!   And who knows………maybe you will get one in return.  And I bet you will realize then –  it’s more than JUST A CARD!!  Emoji