Tongue depressors……… know the hard pieces of wood that doctors stick in your mouth to hold down your tongue so they can see your throat?   You know, they just about make you gag because they are so stiff?!

Some people use these tongue depressors for a lot of craft ideas, too.  I remember using the smaller versions of tongue depressors and making “log cabins” out of them when we were little.  We would try to bend them to make them go into a circle to make a swimming pool and every time, the stick would break as we tried to bend it – leaving me with a broken splintered little piece of wood.

It’s like us trying to bend God’s rules.   We decide to ignore His rules and do things our way.  We ignore the clear rules He has set out for us in the Bible and He allows us to break and splinter.  His ways are best.  He sees the whole picture.  We need to let Him lead.

The tongue depressor CAN BE SHAPED if soaked in boiling water.  It gets soft and you can shape it into a circle.  It’s just like us.  If we soak ourselves in God’s love and His word and ask Him to lead us in His ways, then He will shape us and mold us into the person HE wants us to be.

Quit trying to make God fit into your way and your rules.  Let’s soak in His word and His love and let HIM shape us.  I would rather be molded into a circle by God, than be a broken, splintered piece of wood that can’t be used to even flatten a tongue!