Have you ever layed on your back in the yard and just looked up at the clouds?  Your friend laying beside you.  You both are looking at the same cloud formation but maybe you see a dog and your friend sees a motorcycle.  You keep staring at those clouds, but to you……no motorcycle – just a dog!

It’s kind of like our lives. As Christians, we look at our situations and see God working even in the tough times.  We see HOPE.  Others whose faith may not be as strong, look at the same situation and see devastation.  They worry and see no hope that this situation will ever resolve itself.

Christ is the HOPE.  No matter what you are going through today, Christ is there to help you.  He is there to give you HOPE.  Don’t give in to the negative.  Keep looking at the clouds until you see Christ………until you see a dog……..or a motorcycle……or perhaps a little rainbow.

Send me an email and let me know what I can pray for you for today.  Mybucketbuddies@hotmail.com.  Through prayer and HOPE, the clouds become clear little pieces of art!