Waiting patiently.  I don’t even think those two words go together!  What’s it called?  An oxymoron?  A phrase that combines two words having contradictory meaning.

Waiting………. like:
“The buzzer will light up when your table is ready.”
“Take a number.”
“The next shuttle should arrive in 10 minutes.”
And my favorite:  “the doctor will be RIGHT with you.”

How do you feel when reading any of those examples?  Maybe you’re not like me.  Maybe waiting doesn’t bother you.  Unfortunately, I’m the person who feels like waiting is a waste of time.  I need to be doing something productive even if it is opening my Pinterest® app.

I have such a hard time waiting.  But our whole life has waiting built into it as the above examples remind us.   Waiting is inevitable.  It’s important, though, to note that it is what we do during that waiting period that sets our attitude for what’s to come.

If I am aggravated while waiting for my table at the restaurant, then the whole meal will be miserable, and I can make those with me feel uncomfortable and take away from their enjoyment of the evening.

Being aggravated at waiting on the doctor could cause my blood pressure to go up and give a false reading for an inappropriate diagnosis.

And we all know what being aggravated while waiting at the BMV for the “next number” to be called can do to us! hahaha

While we are in God’s waiting room waiting on answers to prayers; waiting on Him to guide us; waiting on Him to work; we must be patient.  It is during that time that He may be leading us to bigger and better things.  He may want us to learn to be more loving or draw closer to Him.  It may be that He just wants us to learn to sit and wait.

And it is probably during that waiting period that we grow the most.

So I am going to try to be more patient during the waiting times of the every-day events.  And while I am in God’s waiting room, I’m going to try to learn what He wants me to learn.  Maybe He just wants me to read the Highlights magazine.  🙂