As we celebrate our military today on Veterans Day, let us remember the sacrifices of their families, their friends, and their own lives for us to have the freedoms we experience today!

Our military soldiers leave their families for years at a time.  They sacrifice getting to sit and watch a football game on a Sunday afternoon in their own recliner.  They sacrifice getting to be at their son’s or daughter’s birth.  They sacrifice opening gifts on Christmas morning and seeing the excitement in their toddler’s eyes as they see what Santa left behind.

They sacrifice their own lives to save other’s lives. We hear stories and stories of their sacrifices.  There are books written and movies produced honoring our military heroes. Some may not feel like heroes, but they are.  Every single person who has signed up to be a part of the armed forces has sacrificed whether they see active duty or not.  They signed up to do whatever they are called to do.

There is another who deserves recognition for sacrificing friends, family and His own life and that is Jesus.  He came to earth to be a human so He could understand our struggles and experience those himself.  He had to leave His family at a very young age to go around the countries to preach about salvation.  He had to leave His friends and even discipline them for the sake of salvation.  And, of course, He gave His own life for us to have freedom to choose heaven.

Thank you, soldiers – both past, present, and future………….in active duty, in an office or in a plane.  Your sacrifices are the reason we have the freedoms we enjoy in this great country of The Red, The White and The Blue today.

Thank you, Jesus – for what you did in the past; what you are doing right now; what you are going to do in the future………thank you for the Red blood you shed to make our sins White as snow as you suffered Blue bruises from the beatings head to toe.  Your sacrifice is the reason we have freedom to choose eternity in heaven or hell.