I love going on road trips with family and friends.  I tend to drive when I go places with my friends.  It’s not because I don’t trust them.  It’s just because I really like to drive and I guess that “control factor” takes over in me.  When I drive, I can control the speed, the route, the stops, etc.  Sometimes if I am the passenger, I get a little anxious if people aren’t going the proper speed or paying attention to the road.  There’s that control factor again!!

If you are that way with the Lord and feel like you need to be in the driver’s seat and control the ride, then you better switch seats.  You’ve seen those signs that say “God is my co-pilot”.  I think it’s much better if God is your pilot!

So as you go through this journey in life, just enjoy the ride and let the Driver lead the route, control the speed, and be in charge of the stops.  If you find yourself trying to control the wheel, just ask the Lord to switch you seats!