Recently I feel like I have been losing my mind!  I bought a special light bulb and when I got home I thought sure I had it in the kitchen.  I looked the house over for that light bulb.  I looked in the refrigerator, the freezer, the pantry and laundry room closet.  I was thinking “did I take that light bulb with me somewhere and lay it down?”   I even pulled the garbage bag out of the garbage can and searched through the garbage to look for that silly light bulb.

I decided to just give up.  I couldn’t find it.  The next morning I got in the car and looked down and there on the floor board was that crazy light bulb!!  It had been in the car the whole time!

Yesterday I did the same thing with a Christmas CD.  I layed it on the couch and then when I went to clean up my mess, I couldn’t find that CD.  I looked everywhere.  After some time of looking, I remembered that I put it away – right where it was supposed to be.  It was in the CD player the whole time!

I find myself doing the same thing with God.  Do ever get worried about something and start looking for the answers on your own?  We try to fix things and recreate situations so that they are fixed the way we think they should be.  We start looking for things to fill the void in our life.  We look high and low.  We wonder where God has gone.  Some people look to “stuff” and fill the void with shopping.  Some people may look to alcohol.  Some people may look to busyness.  We keep searching for something to fill that void – that emptiness – that worry.

Then we look around and realize God was there the whole time.  He was in the blessings we didn’t realize were from Him.  He was in the closed door that we didn’t know was there to protect us.  He was in the stillness of the morning and the song on the radio.  He kept trying to show Himself to us but we missed Him in our search for other things.

When we feel this emptiness in our lives, we don’t need to go searching for THINGS.  We just need to be still and realize God is there……..Just waiting patiently for us to see Him.  Today, let’s stop looking and just go to the One who knows all……….the One who has been right there the whole time!