My husband’s cell phone just stopped working the other day.  He sent a text message and then picked it up and the screen was black.  He put it on the charger for a while.  Nothing.  He tried holding the on/off button down.  No luck.  We tried everything we could think of.

Then we went to the technology brains of the family – our daughter!  She said “oh you just have to hold this button at the same time you hold this button and it just resets itself”.  Wah lah!!  The phone was working again good as new!

I’m so glad God gives us the opportunity to reset ourselves every day.  All we have to do is ask for forgiveness and ask Him for direction. He will lead us in His way. And if we get off path and get in the black zone for a bit, all we have to do is ask Him for a reset. He forgives us and lets us start over again – good as new! No button holding necessary………just a repentant heart.

No buttons. No black screen. No charger. Just a request, a repentance and a reset! Amen!