I was driving to work this week and trying to get my regular radio station, Star 93.3, to come in on the radio.  All I could get was static.  So I changed to my other favorite station – KLove 91.5.  More static.  I finally just turned the radio off completely and drove to work in silence.   I chalked it up to driving the back roads and my location.

Sometimes it’s that way with God.  We pray but we just don’t feel like He is listening.  We have a hard time feeling close to Him.  We read our Bible.  We go to church.  We do everything that we think we are supposed to do but it just seems that all we get is static.

Then we realize.  It’s our location!  We have moved out of God’s will, or we have strayed from the path of His direction.  We realize we just can’t hear Him clearly.

If you feel like God is far away, not listening or it’s a little “staticky”, then assess your location.  Are you on the right path where God can come in loud and clear or have you strayed to the back roads and all you can get is static?

It’s never too late.  Just change direction, get on the right path and tune Him in.   I bet His message will come in loud and clear and will be music to your ears!