I remember when I was in grade school and we couldn’t wait to go out for recess to jump rope. We would all bring our jump ropes from home and take turns singing rhymes as we jumped.

The boys would bring their jacks from home and sit on the concrete bouncing the rubber ball and picking up the jacks right before catching the ball. Everyone laughed and had fun.

How simple our games were back then. A jump rope didn’t cost more than a dollar. You could find jacks at the local KMart store for less than that.

Now we have $500 boxes that play $50 games that teach kids how to shoot the grandma over the edge of the boat and get 1,000 points for doing it! Recesses are becoming few and far between in elementary schools.

As we get older, sometimes we find ourselves conforming to these changes. We don’t take time to “have recess.” We forgot how to relax and have fun. We seem to always have one more email to answer and one more website to visit.

My challenge to you today is to take a few minutes to relax your mind.  Pull out your Bible and read a few passages.  Ask God to give you peace.  Ask Him to help you relax and find time for a simple “recess”.

We seem to all long for the carefree and fun days of childhood recess. Maybe today you can call an old friend and see if they want to come over for some iced tea and conversation…….or to jump rope and play jacks. How fun it could be!