The Universal Question – “How Are You?”

People ask me that question and typically I respond with the Universal Answer “good” or “fine”.

And usually the person asking the question has already passed by and doesn’t even hear my response.

Are we so busy and so caught up in our own thoughts that we just ask the universal question of “how are you” without really even know what we are asking?

Are we so caught up in our own life that we don’t even listen for an answer to our own question? Are we so programmed to answer “good” or “fine” to the universal question that we don’t really even hear what others ask us?

I want to challenge you today to really listen when you ask someone “how are you?” Stop and look them in the eye. Show others that you really care how they are. And maybe if you get real good at this communicating thing, you’ll change up the initial question and ask “What’s the best thing about your day today?”

And maybe their answer will be that YOU cared enough to ask!