I do love to talk.  It’s a “trait” in my family.  Two of my cousins and I get made fun of because we like to talk.  My daughter is a talker, too.  But before you make too much fun of us “Club of Talkers”, maybe God gave us this GIFT TO GAB to fulfill a particular purpose.

My undergraduate degree is in Journalism and Speech Communications.  When I finished college I realized that I didn’t want to write for a newspaper and since I was getting married to a man who was already established in his farming business, I didn’t want to take on a job in a big city in communications.  So God led me to a law firm and eventually to get my degree in Paralegal Studies and 27 years later, I am still working in law.

BUT God did not let that journalism and speech degree go to waste.  He called me into the speaking ministry in 2000.  I was sitting at a women’s conference on the front row and it was like God was sitting next to me and He said something like, “you have the gift to gab and I want you to use it to glorify me.”  Well………it wasn’t really exactly like that but you get the picture.

He opened doors for this ministry and I am so thankful!!  I continue to pray for more opportunities to speak to women’s group to be able to share the things God has laid on my heart.

In Romans 12: 6-8 Paul talks about spiritual gifts.  Teaching and encouraging are mentioned as spiritual gifts and I believe God uses my GIFT TO GAB in those ways – to teach and encourage.

But those of us with the GIFT TO GAB need to be cautious to make sure we are using our tongue in the proper way.  James 3:1(b) says those that teach will be judged more strictly.  It talks about the tongue, ever so small, can be the cause of many problems.

James 3:5(b) says “consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark.”  The tongue is a small spark.  Use it wisely so as to not cause a forest fire.

Whether you have the GIFT TO GAB or not, be careful to use that little tongue to praise God, encourage others, speak kindly, sing joyously, pray continually, and talk wisely.

The next time you want to tell me or someone else to “hush it”, think twice. You may be silencing those who have been blessed with the GIFT TO GAB!  Emoji