Geese are aggressive.

They certainly are protective of their baby creations.

They let those babies go off on their own for a little while and then crank that neck into a J-shape and use that beak to bring them back to the fold.

They stay together as a family.

It’s almost as if the momma and poppa are beaming with pride when they are walking in their little clumps and floating effortlessly across the water.

One thing is for sure…..those parents pursue those babies and protect them from what they think will harm them.

Just like God.

He is our creator.
He protects us.
He beams with pride when we follow Him.
He is always there to guide and lead the way.

And He definitely pursues us!
When we leave the fold, He does what He can to make us realize we need to come back. He won’t MAKE us but He never gives up trying. He never gives up pursuing.

There are times I’m sure He has taken a J-shaped neck approach to poke me back into line whether I liked it or not. And sometimes I didn’t listen and had to suffer the consequences.

But I am glad He never gives up on me.
I am glad He hisses at the evil one to protect me.
I am glad He shelters and hovers and leads my way.

I am glad He pursues me.

And He is pursuing you, too.

Come join the flock and enjoy the peace of floating in line with the One who created us.
Who loves us.
Who protects us.
Who pursues us.

One loving “beakly” poke at a time. 🪿😜