It was amazing how much they were the same.

One big.

One little.

Just a mirrored image as they stood there.

Same shoes.

Same socks.

Same hat turned around backwards with the bill pointed downward.

Both carrying backpacks holding their travel possessions.

They walked the same.

They talked the same.

They both stood with the right foot propped up against the left heal as they waited for their drinks.

Both ordered tea with some fancy flavoring.

Both had tattoos – the big one with permanent ink.  

The little one with temporary stick-on art.

The big one looked loving down at the little one while the little one looked adoring up at the big one.

There was patience and gentleness exchanged between them.

I don’t know their story.

But from afar I smiled as the duo caught everyone’s attention, if only for a couple minutes, while we all waited in line for our orders.  

Heart-felt smiles were warmly exchanged among strangers as we all sensed the love among what appeared to be a precious father/son duo.

How awesome it would be if we could all have that radiant persona to be just like our Heavenly Father.

For everyone close to us to see our warmth, our radiant love of Jesus, our uniqueness that causes people to stop, pause and wonder about our story. 

Do you radiate love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control?  These are the fruits of the Spirit that will overflow as we live life in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I want that.

How about you?

The big one looked lovingly down at the little one while the little one looked adoringly up at the big one.

Deanna Day Young is the author of Extra Hot Fudge Please daily devotional. She is an inspirational speaker and motivator for all things JOY. She loves helping inspire others to remove physical and spiritual junk from their lives and replace it with joy. She is also the President of Bucket Buddies Mission, Inc., a non-profit she and her husband started in memory of her sister, which is designed to make a difference to children who suffer from life-threatening illnesses by delivering buckets of goodies to children’s hospitals around the country. She and her husband, Roger live in southeast Indiana on their family farm. She has two grown daughters and enjoys traveling, reading, decorating, riding her bike, playing the piano and looking for the simple joys in the everyday adventures of life.