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My name is Deanna Day Young. I am a Christian first, a writer, speaker, and author of Extra Hot Fudge Please daily devotional. My mission statement for life is to make a difference to someone every day. I love sharing Christ through scripture, life experiences and humorous stories to help women be all that God created them to be by making a difference in their corner of the world. 

I have been speaking since 2000 to women’s groups at state conferences, mother-daughter banquets, civic organizations, churches, etc.  I would love the opportunity to speak at your event.


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Here are some samples of topics that I can speak about at your organization’s next event.  I also love to write new material.  I have a treasure box full of additional topics from which you may choose.   But if nothing I have meets your needs, I will write something new!   A portion of the proceeds from my speaking engagements will be donated back into the Bucket Buddies® mission to provide additional gift buckets to children with life-threatening illnesses.

1) Make a Difference to Someone Every Day

My passion is to make a difference to someone every single day through kindness.  Whether it is a gift, a card, a smile or a compliment, acts of kindness make people feel better – both the recipient and the giver.  This session will expand on all the ways you can make a difference to someone every day.

We will look at ways you can use your gifts, talents, hobbies and passion to make a difference to someone who may just need a little “pick me up”.  The world can always use more kindness.  We will discover ways to be the spark that may just become a kindness revolution around the world!

2)  Be All That You Can Be

What is your passion?  What do you want to do but think you can’t do or you don’t have time to do?

This session will help you identify your passions and find ways to set goals and make things happen by doing a little bit at a time.  It will also help you find ways to figure out how to eliminate the road blocks that cause you to give up in the middle of your dreams and goals.

3) Junk Out…Joy In

Do you declutter and organize and then turn around and wonder how things got so bad again?   Do you feel stressed when you can’t put your hands on the things you need right away? Does all of this clutter in your home, your head and your heart keep you from enjoying every day life?

This session will give practical tips on helping to get the clutter and JUNK out of all areas of your life and learning to find ways to bring back the JOY!

4)  Power of a Positive Woman

A woman is a vital part of the family.  She fills many roles – taxi driver, doctor, dentist, maid, chef, engineer, and coach.  But sometimes these roles and responsibilities can be overwhelming and cause us to become a little crabby.

Being a positive woman doesn’t mean we have to be in a good mood all the time.  It means we simply choose to allow God’s power and strength to show through us and make us a positive woman.

We will discuss seven principles that will encourage you to be a positive woman and make a positive difference in the world starting with those around you.

5)  The Yellow Brick Road to Your Field of Dreams

As women we tend to take on the role of always taking care of others.  But what about YOU?  What about your dreams? Join this session using the creativity of the Wizard of Oz as we take a journey to identify ways to make your dreams come true – one brick at a time.

6)  Come to the Well

Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well.  She was amazed at how much He knew about her.  She knew when He offered her water He was referring to something more than what was in that well.

Sometimes we put walls up between us and the Lord and pretend to be something we are not.  We become independent thinking we don’t need God.  We just go through life as a routine depending on our own power and checking the next thing off the list.

This session will help us break through whatever our “wall” is and realize we need to go to the well for living water and meet Jesus there.

7)  Celebrate Life

We have so many things to celebrate in this life because God is so good to us.  With all the negativity in the world, we need to focus on God’s goodness and the work He is doing in our lives.  We will identify ways to make a difference to others by celebrating life and celebrating people by sharing the love of Christ. This includes practical ways of making a difference to people.  Celebrate Life with Jesus will get you excited to go out and change your corner of the world!

8) Take Off the Mask

Do you ever feel like your “self” has gone missing?  Your identity is in whose mom you are; whose wife you are; where you work; what position you hold in the school or church or community.

This session can help you get your identity back.  The key is to see yourself as God sees you.  We will discuss the characters of the Proverbs 31 woman and find ways for you to take off the mask of who people think you should be and become the woman God created you to be.

9)  Prayer Changes Things

Sometimes we treat God as if it is our world and He just lives in it.  We place Him on the back burner and don’t call upon Him until we need Him.  But prayer changes things.  And not just when we are desperate.  Prayer changes things but prayer also changes PEOPLE.

Learn how to depend on prayer during the good and the bad times.  Talking with God isn’t just about a wish list but a relationship.

10) You Choose the Topic

I would love to write a talk specific to your request. I am available for women’s groups, school groups, MOMS groups, any meeting of your organization, church groups, etc. I can adapt my talks to meet your needs.