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Bumper Sticker Brag!

My child is on the honor roll at Smith Elementary.
26.6.  13.3.  0.0.
I’d rather be biking.
I hiked Pike’s Peak.
I brake for yard sales.

Bumper Stickers.  People use them to make a statement to the world including people they know and the strangers who are lucky enough to get stuck behind them in traffic.

We use them to brag about our children, tell others what political party or sports team we support and how many miles we have walked or ran competitively.

These bumper stickers are looked at as sort of our badge of honor.  Things we are proud of or places we have traveled. Bumper Stickers can now be customized to create the exact message we wish to portray.

If we had to all have one bumper sticker to describe who we are or what we stand for, what would your bumper sticker say?    I think I would have one like “Heaven or Bust”.   What about you?

Hold, Please!

Soft music.
Tapping of fingers.
Neck and shoulder in sandwich pose.
Phone receiver disguised as the meat.
Labored breathing.
Anger rising.

Sound familiar to anyone?  That’s a description of the portion of my day yesterday while waiting on hold with a software company.  All I needed was a copy of a $25.55 invoice.

Seriously, people!!  My call was answered by a friendly Miss Automated who invited me to choose from the ten different prompts to lead me “more easily” to the correct next Miss Automation who could then lead me to a hold line that provided me with a free concert of soft tunes resembling elevator music.

Once I reached what I thought was the “department that could provide me with solutions”, I was advised the wait-time would be 35 minutes.  I had a lot of desk work I could accomplish during that time period so I placed the receiver on the cradle to provide me with a hands-free option and relaxed to my elevator music while multi-tasking.  (Who wouldn’t want that!)

FIFTY-TWO minutes later…and I am not exaggerating….that’s what my ticking phone clock advised me, I was greeted by a gentlemen who was using English clearly as a second language.  We worked together patiently to provide him all of the necessary security information to get into my account along with all of the details of what invoice I was seeking (reminder:  it was only for $25.55) and the credit card information from which it was charged.

“I’m sorry madam but I will need to connect you with the department that can provide an invoice for you.”  Trying to stay calm, I politely thanked him and waited while being transferred to operator #700 (well that’s what it felt like anyway).  Mr. Help Me Get An Invoice also was difficult to understand but by speaking slowly and listening carefully we were able to finally find the invoice I needed to submit for my company credit card expense.

“I have found your invoice Mrs. Young but unfortunately it is not addressed to you.”
Breathing deeply and remembering to show Christian love, “I said well who is the invoice addressed to?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t provide you that information.  But if you guess who it is, then I can give you that information.”

Let the guessing game begin!!  And BINGO….DING DING DING…. I picked the coworker’s name who had made the purchase!

After requesting a copy of the invoice be sent to my email, I was further instructed that was not permitted and that I must go to my coworker and have him log into his account, arrow down to “manage accounts”, click on the recent invoice button, launch the pdf copy of the invoice and print it for my records.  All that for a $25 invoice receipt!

Sometimes I feel like waiting on God is as long of a process as getting this invoice but I also know that when I wait on Him and keep doing the job He has placed for me to do, then He will answer in the most eternally secure, best way for me.  And in the end, He will be glorified.

Are you on HOLD with the Heavenly Father right now?  Don’t get discouraged.  Keep living the Christian life looking for ways to multi-task for Him.  Look for His blessings along each day and through each problem and then one day you will realize you are no longer on hold and He has led you to the answer.  It may be one that was right there along; it may be disguised as something you never even thought of; or it may be something new and exciting.

Whatever the outcome, ask God to give you patience while waiting on Hold as you lend your ear to His calling and place your head on His shoulder.

God’s Plans or My Plans?

“Your loving Father has a specific agenda for your career, ministry, finances and family – a good and satisfying plan that graciously involves you in the vast purposes of His kingdom.  And these plans – God’s plans – will be more satisfying and fulfilling than any self-styled blueprints you could dream up and try to build on.”

From Discerning the Voice of God Bible Study by Priscilla Shirer

It’s hard to give up what we think we have control over but God’s ways are better than our ways.  Do you trust Him?

Does This Uniform Make My Thighs Look Big?

They all wear one.
Cheerleaders. Ball Players. Band Members.
Nurses. Therapists. Waiters.
Army. Navy. Air Force.
Marines. Coast Guard. Police.

Uniforms.  Whether it is waiting tables, shooting free throws, marching in formation, yelling through a megaphone, taking blood pressure, protecting our town or fighting for our country,  usually some kind of uniform is worn to designate you as a member of that particular squad.

It feels good to be a part of a team whether “team” is referencing a sports team or a work team. Wearing a uniform can bring people together and bring a sense of belonging.  A uniform can also be worn to help protect the body.  And with that uniform comes responsibility to do your very best to make the team all that it can be.  The uniform reminds others that you are representing something specific.

As Christians we have uniforms to wear as a representative of our team – Team Believers!  We are to clothe ourselves with the Christian uniform of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  (Colossians 3:12).

We are to represent Jesus to everyone so they know that we belong to Him.  We should represent Him so that everyone wants to be a part of our team.  There is no limit to how many can be on His team.  We just have to accept the Giver of the uniform and wear it proudly.

But Satan doesn’t want us to be a part of that team so he tries really hard to break us down. Therefore, we must put on another uniform as soon as our feet hit the floor and that’s the protective uniform of armor.  Spiritual pieces of armor to protect our heart, our mind and our Spirit. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Whether or not we are on a team with uniforms in our every day life with our job, our school or our career, we can be a part of Team Believers and have the benefit of the best looking uniform ever!  The Uniform of Salvation.

If you don’t already have one, please take it now.  Wear it proudly.  Because, wow….it looks really good on you!!