Growing up we always had dinner at the table.  Rarely do I remember us getting to use TV trays to eat in the living room.  Mom almost always made a big meal and we ate together as a family around the table.  As we got older and involved in activities, it became a little harder, but she always cooked and found time for us to gather as a family at the table.

My parents always encouraged more people to eat with us if they were there.  I think there were a few times that our friends stopped by to “see us” but in reality was hoping to have a place at the table.  Whether the dishes matched or not, there was always an extra plate to be had and an extra folding chair to fit around the table.

Being a part of family and taking time to share our day with each other around the dinner table was special.  They are memories I still hold on to today and we tried hard to do that with our daughters and still do when they are home.  I think everyone loves to have a place at the table to share laughs, stories and of course, food!

There is a table big enough for all of us in heaven.   Jesus wants a relationship with us and that is all that is required to have a place at the table.  Won’t you call Him today and invite Him into your life.

Right now my dining room table is set with Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos colors and memorabilia but there is always room for another place at the table………as long as it’s not a Patriot fan! (just kidding)  It’s time for dinner………..grab a plate and find a place at the table.