Have you seen the commercial where the little boy has a wagon full of ice and Coca Cola® soft drinks and secretly leaves them for people to find?  When the recipient finds it, they take a sip and smile.  In the end, the boy shares one with Santa Claus.

Every time I see that commercial, I smile.  I know what’s going to happen and still can’t help but smile.  There is just something about seeing someone show kindness that just warms our hearts.

Today is World Kindness Day.  I challenge each one of us to do one intentional act of kindness and then watch the other person smile.  Some people may not know what to do because you may be the first person to ever show this much  kindness to them.  How cool is that!

Some examples of things you can do:
Hold open a door for someone.
Ask about someone’s weekend …….and then listen to their answer.
Buy a bouquet of flowers to share with the receptionist.
Buy coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks.
Go to lunch with a friend.
Leave an extra tip for the waitress.
Make your spouse their favorite cookie.
Read a book to your child.
Call a long-lost friend.
Visit your neighbor.
Leave candy for the mail carrier.
Donate to your favorite charity.

There’s just something magical about showing kindness and not expecting anything in return.  I would love for you to share your story of kindness – whether you were the giver of the kind act or the receiver.  One act of kindness by each person today could literally change our world.

Jump in the Kindness Wagon and let’s get started.  Happy World Kindness Day!