Action For The Day

We must remember that we are not the sum of our intentions but of our actions.
-Brendon Burchard – The Motivation Manifesto

Whatever positive intention comes to mind today, act on it.

*A card to someone who is having a rough time or not feeling well.
*A phone call to someone who lives alone and may just need a little talk-time.
*Coffee with a friend to relax and talk about fun times of the past.
*A $5 gift card for ice cream to someone going through chemo treatments.
*A hug to your child.
*Cookies to your spouse.
*Flowers to the receptionist.
*A smile to the cashier.
*A cart to the corral.
*Let someone go in front of you.
*Pay for the person’s meal behind you.
*Share a good book with a friend.
*Post a positive comment on someone’s blog.
*Pray when you said you would.
*Dinner to your parents.
*Chocolate for yourself.

Today is the day of action….not intentions!  Have fun putting positive action behind good intentions!

Post a comment or send me an email of something positive you did for someone or someone did for you.  (email:   #makeadifferenceeveryday

One thought on “Action For The Day

  1. Laurie H.

    I absolutely love your inspirational messages! I will act on each that come to mind today and zip my lips and thoughts of any unkind thinking. Thank you for encouraging us to be kinder to one another.


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