I’ve decided to do a series of blog entries from the 26 letters of the alphabet!

Of course I will start with “A”.  Today’s title is “ALL IN”.

What does it mean to be “All In”?  To me it means that there is no turning back.  It means that you are giving 100%.  It means that no matter what happens,  you are supporting the cause.  ALL IN.

With March Madness going on, we find ourselves ALL IN for our favorite team.  I have seen some crazy outfits on spirited fans while watching the games.  People get so excited – jumping up and down, falling to the floor, and singing.  Some fans even reach their arms to the sky as if to thank God for the basket.  And what about the coach from Georgia State – tearing his Achilles tendon while jumping with excitement after the big one-point win over their opponent, Baylor?  Talk about ALL IN!

People travel for miles to watch their favorite team and spend thousands of dollars on tickets, hotels, food and souvenirs.  A true fan is ALL IN!

How are we with TEAM CHRISTIANITY?  Do we travel miles to spread the word of God?  Do we give thousands of dollars to promote the cause of the gospel?  Do we get excited when someone gives their life to Christ like we do when our team hits a 3-point basket?

If you are a Christian, you gotta be ALL IN.  You can’t switch teams.  You can’t decide that one day you want to “cheer” for the team and the next day you want to “sit this one out”.

God coaches the best team in the world!  He wants you on His team!

Are you in?  Not just a little………but ALL IN.  Go team!