I’m going to write a series of devotions with titles starting with each letter of the alphabet in sequence.  Today’s title start’s with A, the next devotion will be titled starting with a B and so on.


Have you ever had to apologize to someone?  I remember when my sister and I were little and we would fight as most kids do and get caught by our parents and have to apologize.  They would make us look at each other and say we were sorry and then hug.  Oh, there seemed nothing worse at that moment in our young life.  Saying we were sorry.  Then having to end with a hug!!  YUCK!

Now that I am older, I realize how important it is to apologize or to be apologized to and then to end in a hug.  Whether it’s your spouse, your friend, your child, your parent, your sibling or a coworker, if you feel an apology is necessary, then do it!  Things will never get better if you feel God leading you to apologize and ask forgiveness and you ignore it.

When I ask God to forgive me, I want him to forgive and forget and He can’t forgive if we don’t ask to be forgiven.  Who do  you need to apologize to today?  Look at each other.  Apologize.  Then give an appropriate hug.

Now excuse me…  I have some apologizing and hugging to do!