My father-in-law is 90 years old and still loves to work in his garden tooling around on his golf cart.  He decided to park the golf cart and take off down one of the rows but didn’t think about the results of the down pour of rain that was dumped on us the day before.   But the shoe stuck in the mud was a quick reminder.  🙂

We can laugh about it now but he was a mess.  The shoe was stuck.  He could hardly remove it from the mud while trying to keep his balance by holding onto the small rolling cart that holds his portable oxygen tank.

Yes it was quite a site!  But he made it out of the mud and back to the golf cart to begin the next round – cleaning that mud off the shoe and everything else he touched.

It makes me think about how many times we just trudge into life’s events not thinking about what might be the result of a few days of “rain”.  We may know better but we start trudging in the mud and get stuck.  Sometimes we reach for our lifeline and manage to wiggle out but sometimes we get tired and just stay stuck.

Where are you today?  Are you stuck in a situation that needs some assistance?  Do you have things in your life that you have been staring at from the same vantage point every single day, feeling stuck, knowing you need to make a change?  Maybe it’s a job or a relationship.  Maybe it’s time to start looking at a healthier lifestyle with exercise and better eating choices.  Maybe it’s a dream that you have been toying with but are afraid to take the next step.

Are you stuck?  Let God have your shoes and direct your steps.  He can help you avoid the muddy path and lead you down the path He has waiting for you.  Step out in faith today and follow His steps.  It’s gonna be a great day!