A few years ago there was a young man who sat in front of me at church, and I noticed his shirt was inside out. The seams were showing clearly. The tag was staring me in the face. The colors were a little lighter from being turned inside out. It struck me very funny, and I had to try to contain myself from laughing out loud!

After the service, I politely mentioned to the young man that his shirt was inside out. He looked at it and said something like “Oh well, at least it looks the same from the inside out!” We had a good laugh out of it!

It makes me think about what if our “inside” was exposed. Would we look the same “inside out” as we do on the outside? If we were “inside out” would the world see a different heart and soul than the one we present each day?

I hope we all strive to have a clean mind, heart, and soul and that we aren’t just presenting the good side to others and have a totally different inside.

Today……..think about if you were “inside out”.  If you don’t like what you see, ask God to help you clean it up so that you, too, can be like this young man and say “it looks the same from the inside out”.