Lately I’ve been kind of down and depressed. Even my eyesight seems blurry – and it’s not because I recently had a milestone birthday!!! hahhahaa

Today I was reading one of the daily devotional books I read each morning (with my bifocals on) and the Lord really spoke to me.  The scripture verse for the day was I Corinthians 10:24 – “Don’t be concerned for your own good but for the good of others.”

I realized that I hadn’t been “seeing clearly” in my spiritual walk.  I hadn’t been looking at ways to help others nearly enough.  I believe serving and encouraging are two of my spiritual gifts and I haven’t been focusing on using those gifts enough.  I’ve been focused on the “whoa is me syndrome” because 1) the weather has been nasty; 2) I’ve been longing for some sun and a lot of friends and family are enjoying some of that sunny weather I experienced in Arizona a few weeks ago; and 3) I’m not feeling challenged in my “goal-oriented” little life.

After reading this scripture today and realizing I don’t have to be concerned about myself because God is taking care of me, I decided to pick myself up by the bootstraps – literal SNOW BOOT straps – seek God’s clear direction –  with my BIFOCALS – and get back on my “goal-oriented” path of helping others and doing what God has called me to do.

He didn’t call me to feel sorry for myself.  This scripture clearly states that.  He called me to help others.  To encourage others. And in doing that, I get so excited and so blessed that I completely forget about the “whoa is me syndrome” because I am focusing on others.

There is nothing wrong with doing things for yourself, so don’t think that is what I am saying today.  It’s important to keep our spirits up and to pamper ourselves and take care of the body and the spirit God has given us.  But don’t let that be your focus.

Look for ways to enjoy your life in conjunction with others.  If you want to go for a walk, call a friend.  If you have always wanted to have a cookie exchange, have one and invite people you want to get to know better.  When you are paying for dinner out one night, look around and find a stranger that God puts in your path to anonymously pay for their dinner, too.  Send a card to someone who is suffering from cancer.  Make a phone call to an elderly person who lives by themselves.  Make an extra batch of cookies and take to a family who seems to always be on the go.  You don’t have to save the world………..just start small.

By encouraging others and asking God to show you a person or an action He wants you to respond to today,  you will certainly be taking your eyes off of yourself and seeing clearly through the eyes of Jesus.

Now go get on your BOOTS and BIFOCALS and march into today with a clear focus! A pretty new leopard-print pair of bifocals may just help!!  And while you’re at it, maybe a new pair of snow boots!

Hope your day is clear Emoji ………..and focused………. and fun!!Emoji