A few days of below-zero temps, ice and snow made me realize how lazy I had become. It was horrible. It was way past mid-January, and I hadn’t even started on my New Year’s goals.
I realized I was bored because I was comfortable. And to me comfortable meant lazy. So, I kicked myself in the butt and came up with a plan.
DECLUTTER was the word for me. I will talk later on how to declutter other areas of our lives.
Today, I will start with decluttering of our homes.
How many of you start out the new year by wanting to declutter? And like most of our new year’s resolutions or goals, we get stuck after about day 10. Life creeps in and we get “comfortable”.
For me, it was time to get started. So, I got out an extra planner I had for the year. SIDENOTE: I love planners and sometimes I get caught up in buying more than one for the new year. ????
I have digressed……
What I have found is that if I get a calendar, any calendar or planner, and write out my goals in doable increments on each day, it helps me accomplish more.   I am hoping this will help you as well.  You can use one of those calendars you get free from a local business or go to the Dollar Tree and buy a $1 planner.
You will also need a journal or notebook. ANOTHER SIDENOTE: I love journals and may have a few too many of those as well. That’s the downfall of a writer. ????
I have digressed again…
Start with your journal or notebook and choose one room in your house that you wish to declutter. It might be good to start with the one that is bothering you the most.
Write down every single thing you want to have done in that room. For example:
Living room:
*clean off surface of desk
*clean out desk drawers
*make new files for 2019
*clean out magazine basket
*go through DVD’s
*go through books on bookshelf
*go through piano bench
*sweep cobwebs
*wash curtains
Now take all those things you want to do and break them up into days throughout the week. Spend 15-30 minutes each day on the given chore.
Key to success: Be sure to be realistic on how long you give yourself to get this room finished. It may take more than one week once you add in the pressures of daily life. Also, be sure to give yourself a day of rest each week.
Before you know it, your focus room will be decluttered.
BAM….one room down!
Now reward yourself. Buy those new throw pillows you’ve been wanting. How about a new picture for the wall or a lamp for the table?
My focus room over the weekend was the laundry room. I cleaned out the “catch all” trunk which led to cleaning out my purse and my work bag. How does one get so many things in a purse that doesn’t belong? And a sock in my computer bag? Seriously, Deanna!
Take this plan and use it throughout other rooms in your house. By the end of 2019, you will be proud of your growth from comfortable to accomplishment.
Let’s get busy, people!
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17