Bring Out The Good China

We were at our daughter’s best friend’s wedding last weekend.  It was one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to.  It was very relaxed yet elegant and beautiful.  There was laughter during the ceremony as stories were told about the couple’s dating years and tears as you witnessed this new love of two people become one.  There were pom poms and tennis shoes as well as roses and diamonds.

The reception was decorated simple yet elegant.  Each table had china, silver, crystal and linens.  It was a celebration and a time to bring out the best.

That’s what Jesus wants from us – our best.  He wants the good china, the best silver, the crystal goblets.  He wants our first fruits – not our leftovers.  He wants quiet time alone with us; not multi-tasking time.  He knows we aren’t perfect but He wants us to strive for excellence in all we do for Him.

Live for Christ today.  Show the fruits of the Spirit with a little joy to your coworker; a little patience with your children; a little peace in your morning devotions; a little kindness to your annoying neighbor; a little goodness to your friend;  a little gentleness to the unorganized waiter; a little self-control in traffic; a little love to your spouse; and a little faithfulness to the One who created it all.

Bring out your best today and show the world Christ has a very simple message with the most excellent rewards.

One thought on “Bring Out The Good China

  1. Pam Young

    A great point on spending time alone with Jesus. I reach out to talk with him as I go about my busy day as he is always close in my heart. But so important to keep the one on one time!


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