AWWW Christmas shopping!  We head out to department stores and malls, lists in hand, money in wallet, mind racing searching for the perfect gift for everyone on our list.

As we enter a store we are often greeted with ” Can I help you find something?”  I must admit that sometimes those greeters bug me but other times I am so thankful to see someone who can point me in the right direction.

Yesterday I was looking for something specific – a Cincinnati Bengals® cell phone wristlet – to be exact.  This is a small purse-like item that your cell phone fits securely into and then you can wear it on your wrist.  It holds drivers license and credits cards and has a place for money.

As I walked into the specialty store, I was greeted with the “can I help you find something” scenario and was thankful.  (I didn’t want to spend too much time in the Cincinnati Bengals® store! hahaha) The gal took me straight to the particular cell phone wristlets.  I was so happy to finally find what I had been looking for after several weeks.  I placed my iPhone® in the case and it fit perfectly but then I remembered the person I was buying the gift for had a different brand of cell phone.

I asked the clerk if the wristlet would fit this particular type of cell phone.  She checked with her manager and returned to tell me that it only fit the iPhone® devices.  Even though it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, and she obviously didn’t make the sale, I appreciated her honesty.

What are you searching for today?  Have you been looking to find peace for a while and no one can seem to help you?  Does what you are doing not seem to “fit” anymore? Are you anxious or sad and not finding satisfaction in the places you go, the people you see or the things you do?

Maybe we are looking in the wrong places.  Maybe we are trying to fit something into our Christian life that doesn’t really fit.  Let’s seek the One who can help us find that peace that surpasses all of our understanding.  Jesus is waiting at the door with all the answers to finding peace.  He is simply asking the question “can I help you find something?”  Let Him point you in the right direction today.