Today is National Best Friend Day.  So when there is a national holiday, we like to celebrate!  Bring out the chocolate cake with chocolate icing!  Bring out the hats and horns and banners!

Who is your best friend?  Maybe you don’t have just one best friend.  Maybe you have many you consider your best friends.  And for my OCD readers, you may ask me to define “best friend” so you know exactly who to celebrate today.

You may consider your spouse your best friend because they know everything about you …….and they love you anyway.

Some people may consider the person that they ran around with and did everything with during high school or elementary school their best friend.

Friends change over the years.  Yes, you may have that one friend who has stayed close to you through all the years but God places different friends in your life to help you through different seasons.  My elementary best friend lived right down the road from me and we used to ride our bikes to each other’s houses.

Then I moved and was fortunate that my new best friend in high school lived right down the road from me and we could ride to school together.

We have friends from college, friends from church, friends from work and friends that are parents of our kids’ friends.  We have neighbors that are friends; friends that are in the same civic organizations we are in and friends that we meet on Facebook.

But there is no greater friend than Jesus.  He is there no matter what day or time.  He doesn’t care what you’ve done – He will forgive you.  He listens.  He hugs.  He guides.  He has a plan.  He opens doors that are right and closes doors that are not.  He sits with you in the dark and walks with you in the light.  He loves you and protects you.  He knows all about you and still wants to be your friend.

He is a little like a Facebook friend – you have to accept His request.  He wants to be your friend, your Savior and your Lord.  Connect today with your tried, true, and trusted friend, Jesus.  He’s just a whisper away.

Celebrate National Best Friend Day by calling an old friend… and then sit quietly listening to your Faithful One.