When your favorite NFL team wins the Super Bowl.
When your favorite soccer team wins the World Cup.
When your favorite baseball team wins the World Series.
When your alma mater wins the NCAA basketball tournament.
When your high school wins the state championship.
When your daughter’s softball team wins the sectional.
When your son’s baseball team wins the city league championship.
When your grandson wins the swim meet.
When your niece wins the golf tournament.
When your child’s marching band wins the trophy.
When your child’s tee ball team gets a participation trophy.
When your friend’s daughter wins the speech competition.
When you win Grand Champion at the fair.
When your art project wins the blue ribbon.
When your art project wins a red ribbon.
When you complete a marathon.
When you complete a 5K.
When you complete a lap around the track.
When you take the first steps in rehab.
When you get your hair back after chemo.
When you can raise your shoulder after surgery.
When you get to hold your baby for the first time outside of the incubator.
When a lost child comes home.
When your brother beats addiction.
When you publish your first book.
When you lose 50 pounds.
When you lose 3 pounds.

It’s all in the eye of the beholder.
It’s all in your definition of victory.

Big wins or small wins.  All wins are worth celebrating.  Because PEOPLE are worth celebrating.  CELEBRATE SOMEONE TODAY!

Day #3 Thankful Journey – I am thankful for the victory of my friends, Karen and Patti, for kicking cancer’s butt!!

Day #3  Kindness Journey – Bake cookies for a friend or neighbor.