We were on vacation driving a rental car and a rock flew up and cracked our windshield.  It was a significant crack – probably 6 inches on one part and 4 on the other.  We contacted the rental car company and they said to go to the nearest Enterprise® car rental and swap out the car.  Sounded easy enough.

But oh no!!  There was a huge outdoor sporting event vendor show going on and there was not another vehicle available within 200 miles.  Enterprise car rental advised us to go to our destination and contact their windshield repair vendor and they would come to us and fix the windshield.

As we were driving to our next destination, I was concerned the windshield would shatter.  My husband reminded me that front windshields are now made shatterproof.  So even though the crack continued to get bigger, it would not shatter.

Reminds me of our faith.  The devil keeps throwing rocks at us and cracks us and sometimes even causes us to fall, but we have to remember to hold on to Jesus and remember He is our shield and we will NOT be shattered.

Ephesians 6:10-17 tells us to put on our armor of God to stand up against the devil’s wicked schemes.  Several times this passage tells us to “stand our ground” or “stand firm”.

Whatever has cracked your faith, remember to stand firm.  Grab on to God’s protection and we will not be shattered because when God is our protector, we are SHATTERPROOF!