Yesterday I wrote about the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament time!!  Excitement builds as basketball games begin and the tournament time explodes!

We have about 10 more days in March.  What if we decide to create a little March Kindness and concentrate on it as much as we do March Madness?

We fill out brackets for each of the games in March Madness.
Let’s fill out calendars of kindness to do something kind each day for the rest of March.

We study and analyze which teams to choose in March Madness.
Why don’t we study and analyze who and what we can do to make a difference to others the rest of March?

We get all excited when our team wins during March Madness.
We can get all excited and joyful when we make a difference to someone during the rest of the month.

So here’s your challenge – create a bracket of kindness and see how much excitement and joy you can spread through this month.  March Madness AND March Kindness.  I love this time of year!