I got into an elevator with a gentleman yesterday who was carrying a hard hat.  I made some comment like “looks like a hard hat kind of day.”  He chuckled and agreed.  I told him we all need to think about starting the day with a hard hat!  Although I was just kidding, there is something serious about going out for the day with a hard hat to protect us.

We never know what each day may hold for us.  We don’t know what kind of people will come our way.  We never know if we could get knocked down by the ways of the world.  We don’t know what kind of situations the devil may throw at us.  We can’t be prepared for everything so a hard hat would be a good thing to have handy for protection.

The best thing I can think of to use for a hard hat in our spiritual life is scripture and prayer.  When we start our day with quiet time it really can prepare us for the day.  It may not prepare us to be able to FIX everything that comes our way but it certainly will be able to help PROTECT us from the evil one.

So wake up… grab some coffee and fruit… get your keys and jacket…  OH and don’t forget your hat.  You know the yellow one that’s covered in prayer and full of scripture!