Have you ever told someone to do something and they just flat ignored you?

Maybe it was your children when they were younger – “clean your room”.
You go in their room, and it’s just the same as when you gave the instruction.

Maybe it was your spouse – “don’t forget to pick up milk on the way home.”
They walk in empty-handed.

Maybe it was a coworker – “can you schedule the conference room for Tuesday?”
You go to the conference room for your meeting, and it is booked by someone else.

None of these instances are the end of the world.  You have your child clean their room while you stand there.  You go pick up the milk yourself.  You find another room for the meeting.

Maybe people didn’t hear you because they 1) didn’t want to do it; 2) they forgot; 3) other things took priority.  But the result is that it didn’t get done, and you were counting on that person to follow through on the request.

What has God asked you to do that you have either ignored, forgot or didn’t make a priority? You may think it’s no big deal and He can either do it Himself or find someone else to do it.  But the result is that it isn’t getting done, and He is counting on you to follow through.

If you can’t remember or just have been ignoring it, stop right now and ask Him what He wants you to do TODAY.  I promise you the reward will be worth the effort.