Remember when you were little and you didn’t want other people to touch your stuff?  My sister and I would put a line down the middle of the room or the car and tell each other to stay on our own sides and not touch each other’s stuff.

Sometimes even as adults we don’t really like other people touching our stuff.  Men really don’t like other people touching their trucks or their motorcycles.  Women can be funny about sharing their recipes and cooking secrets with other women.  Teens are very protective of their own technology and don’t really want others touching their electronics.

In the work world we don’t really like others touching our projects.  We sit in the same seats at church and really don’t want others touching our pew!  We might have our favorite blankets or pillows and don’t really want our spouse touching them.

We are so protective of our stuff!  We need to be as protective of our loved ones.  When we see the devil come creeping into their lives, we need to take a stand and tell him with a loud angry voice:  DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF!!  My family and my friends are part of me, and I don’t want the devil touching them.  I want him far away from them.

The next time you feel any type of negativity coming into your circle of life and you think it’s the work of the devil, do whatever it takes to send him on his way into the depths of hell where he belongs.  Our weapon against the devil touching our stuff is prayer and a lot of it.  Start praying to God and ask him to put the hedge of protection around your family and friends and then get out all the weapons of prayer to fight the spiritual world and strongholds.  L et the devil know he cannot touch your stuff!!!