Remember the game we used to play when we were little where you sat in a circle and the person who was “it” went around the circle tapping everyone on the head saying “duck”, “duck”, “duck”, “duck” and then really quickly they would yell “GOOSE” and the person who was named “GOOSE” would chase the person around the circle?

Well speaking of ducks and circles, my Dad went fishing one day and instead of getting a fish, he caught a DUCK!!  Yes, he did…….and not the AFLAC duck either!  He and my brother-in-law were fishing in a small boat on a lake and my dad cast his fishing pole at the same time a duck landed on the lake and the fishing line got wrapped around the duck’s wing. The more the duck tried to break loose, the worse the line got tangled.  The duck was literally pulling the two men around the lake in their boat.  What a sight to see!!

They were laughing so hard at this whole fiasco and fortunately the duck wasn’t hurt but rather just scared. Finally, my dad had to cut the fishing line and let the duck go free.  We have teased my dad about catching a duck for years!!

In Mark chapter one, we read where Simon and his brother, Andrew were also fishermen.  Jesus walked beside the Sea of Galilee and He saw these two brothers casting a net into the lake trying to catch fish.  Jesus told them to leave their nets and come follow Him and He would make them fishers of men.

It amazes me that these men left their nets to follow Jesus to be “fishers of men” but I’m sure they didn’t really know what all this commitment entailed but Jesus had such a presence about Him and a reputation that these men may not have asked any questions but just up and left their net and followed Jesus to go fish for men.

Like my Dad, sometimes we go fishing and don’t know if we will bring home a fish or a duck! But when Jesus calls Christians to go out and be fishers of men, we know He will bless our efforts because Isaiah 55: 11 tells us that the word of the Lord that goes out “will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

When you spread the word of God and “fish” for men to bring into His kingdom, you will be blessed and the word will not return void.

Whether it’s a game where the Goose chases you or you chase the Duck, know that Ducks and Fish and People all work together for the good of the Lord!!

Happy Fishing!