I love giving gifts.  I love picking out just the right gift and then wrapping it special for the recipient.  But the best part is actually GIVING it to the recipient.

I was talking to my dad the other day and he was saying he wouldn’t know what to buy for people and he was glad my mom did the shopping and that I helped him with my mom’s gifts from him.  Our discussion went deeper into “how do you even know what to buy people”?

I explained to him that because I love gift giving, I have found that by nature, I am always (subconsciously even) listening to people and thinking about what would be a fun gift for them.  For example, my friend loves feathers.  There is a connection between her and her mother-in-law, who passed away, regarding feathers.  Every time she is having a down day or a worrisome moment, it seems that a feather appears out of nowhere as if a sign from heaven that her mother-in-law is watching over her and that God is telling her He’s got it all under control.

As I was Christmas shopping, out of the blue, I found a silver necklace with a small feather charm!  I wasn’t even looking for this person’s gift at that moment and there it was!  I knew it was the perfect gift!  Had I not known her story of the feather, I would have glossed right over that necklace.

Another gift I remember giving years ago was to my friend who lived several hours away.  It was a simple afghan customized with my hometown on one end and my friend’s hometown on the other end.  The saying in between was “the road between a friend’s house is never long”.

My sister-in-law is a huge IU fan – especially during the Bobby Knight days.  He was speaking at my daughter’s college and we surprised my sister-in-law with tickets to see Bobby Knight for her birthday.  They were not expensive because of the college discount but it was one of her favorite nights.

It’s not about the cost.  It’s not about the wrapping.  It’s about the person.  Every present has a story to tell.  Maybe the story is simple.  Maybe the story is deep.  Maybe the story is that “I didn’t want to take time to shop for you.” haha

As you give gifts this Christmas and throughout the year for various occasions, stop and think about the recipient.  What do they enjoy doing?  What’s their favorite sports team?  What is their hobby?  What’s important to them?

Then see if you can pick out a gift that tells a story!

The gift of Jesus is the perfect gift that tells the perfect story!

Merry Gift Giving and Happy Story Telling!  Let me know if you have a gift with a story…………