Waiting ON God gives way to actions based on human reasoning while waiting WITH God sees the pause as time to experience God.

-Wendy Pope
Thy Will Be Done Bible Study

WOW!!  I couldn’t wait to start writing after I read this.  I always look at waiting on God as something I’m not very good at.  I have very little patience because I am one who likes to get things done.  I am a list maker and a “must be productive every day” gal and waiting is not on that list.

I guess that goes back to control.  I like it better when I am in control but truth be told, I’m probably not very good at being in control anyway.  Sure maybe I am good at being in control of a party or some kind of fun event but being in control of situations that are best handled by God is not my specialty.  And it shouldn’t be.

There are many examples in the Bible when people took matters into their own hands instead of waiting on God and made a big ole mess out of things.  Sarah wanted a baby so badly.  She felt like she was getting too old to have a baby but she wanted to be a mom.  She was tired of waiting on God.  So she had her husband sleep with her maidservant and the maidservant became pregnant.  But that was not the baby God was going to use to bless Sarah and Abraham.

Sarah should have just waited WITH God.  However, we see that God did fulfill His plan later in her life.  When it seemed impossible, she became pregnant with Isaac who became the father of Israel.  God used all of it to bring honor and glory to Him.

When we are waiting ON someone, we get impatient that they are late.

When we are waiting WITH someone, it seems more doable.  It’s like we are in it together.

Whatever you are waiting on God to do in your life stop waiting ON Him and wait WITH Him.  When we wait WITH Him we know that we will be able to see and feel His presence and see His glory when He works.

I love this concept of “waiting with” instead of “waiting on”.  I think I’ll go get started waiting in a different way right now.  I can’t wait to see God work!!  Oh wait…..yes I can wait…oh boy!  I’m so excited. I will wait!  🙂