Wake up!!  It’s a new day.  We get another do-over.  We get to try to make this one of the best days of our lives!  Joy doesn’t come from our circumstances.  Joy comes from within – IN SPITE OF OUR CIRCUMSTANCES!  So let’s find our joy today!

Each day is a fresh start.  Let’s make today a GREAT day!  No negativity.  No grouchiness.  Just positive thoughts and kindness.

Right now do something physical to just feel energized…….stretch your arms above your head.  Take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Roll your neck to the left, front, right and back, jog in place.  Now SMILE really big.  Go on……Smile!  Laugh even.

You ready?  Now look for someone to be kind to today.  Just one small gesture – open the door.  Wave. Smile. Say “Good Morning” with enthusiasm.  Ask someone how they are and then listen to their response.  Buy yourself some flowers.

It’s a new day.  You can make today better just by having a positive attitude.  Positive attitudes are contagious!   Ask God to help you make today one of your best days.  Experience that JOY that comes deep down within us just by knowing Jesus.  It’s a great feeling.  IT’S A GREAT DAY!

Now pass your day of NO NEGATIVITY along to the next person.  And I bet you enjoy your positive, encouraging day so much you will want to do it again tomorrow!

See you later Oscar the Grouch.  And see YOU TOMORROW Positive Pete!
(Disclaimer:  names are not associated with anyone I know! hahahha)

This video by Mandissa will help get you energized!