One of our pastors told this story yesterday and I am going to do my best to retell it:

“A little girl had a rare blood condition.  Without a blood transfusion, she would die.  Her little 8-year-old brother had also had to fight this condition a few years earlier and had received a blood transfusion.  He was doing great, and he had built up an immunity.  If he would give his sister a blood transfusion, the doctors believed it would save her life and combat this condition in her as well.

The doctors talked to little Sam and asked him if he would be willing to give his sister his blood.  He thought for a couple of minutes and then said, “For Liza… yes I will do it.”

Within the next few days the two siblings were sitting side by side, tubes in their arms, the blood transfusion started.  After a little while, Sam became pale and started to look weak.  Liza on the other hand was getting color back in her face and starting to feel a little stronger.  The doctor looked at little Sam and said, “Buddy are you feeling okay?”  With tears in his eyes he asked, “How long until I die?””

You see Sam had misunderstood what it was to “give blood”.  He thought he was giving all his blood to his sister and he would have none left and would die.  Yet, he was still willing to give it up for his sister to live.

As we read this, we are no doubt saying “Oh!  That is so sweet.  That is the kindest thing ever!!”  We have tears in our eyes thinking of our own children or nieces or nephews or siblings that would do that for another.  That is the ultimate gesture of love.

Well, we do have someone that did that for us.  God told Jesus that this was the plan.  He would give up his blood – all of it – and die for people that He didn’t even know.  He would have to give up his blood to people who made fun of Him; who spit on Him; who beat Him; who mocked Him; who made fun of His family.

Jesus was scared.  He even cried out to God asking Him to change His mind and let the cup pass from Him so that He didn’t have to go through this death – this act of giving all His blood up for these people – but He told God He wanted God’s will to be done, and He would accept whatever it was.  God’s plan prevailed.  And we know that Jesus had to suffer horribly to give us His blood.

But we also know that the story doesn’t end there.  Jesus was raised from the dead by God Almighty and if we believe in Jesus, we get to live FOREVER!!!  Not just a couple of more months or years.  But when we leave this earth, we get to live happily ever after FOREVER in a beautiful place where no tears are shed and there is sunshine, love and laughter forever.

Won’t you accept His blood transfusion today and live in peace forever!