Have you ever experienced the soft touch of a baby wrapping their little hand around your finger?  Their little hand is so small in comparison to just one of our fingers little lone the comparison of the actual hands!  Their soft, sweet hand fits so snuggly in the palm of our hand.    It’s amazing how the natural tendency of a baby is to grip their hand around your finger. I love that.

As I was reading in Isaiah 42 this morning, verse 6, it states:  “I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness; I will take hold of your hand.”

I just imagine God reaching down and grabbing my hand today as I go through the day.  I wrap my hand around one of His fingers and realize the magnitude of the power of His hand holding mine.  My hand fits snuggling into the palm of His nail- scarred hand.  The roughness of His hand gives me comfort as I cling my fingers tight to the One who will lead me through this day.

If you find yourself struggling today with worry, fear, anger, jealousy or anything at all, just reach up and grab the hand that’s stretched out waiting to be held.