It’s been one month ago since we discussed goals and resolutions for 2017.  So the big question is:  How are you doing on those goals and resolutions?

My answer is “some good and some not so good.”  I realized that I am doing very well on the goals that I enjoy.  I’m not doing so well on the goals that I really dislike (I would rather use “hate” but that’s a little strong) and need to be following the most.  They involve exercise and healthy eating.

I get so mad at myself every time I think about how stagnant I am for weight loss and exercise goals.  It’s not because I don’t have time to exercise or eat healthier… it’s because I’m not committed to it.  I think – “tomorrow.  I’ll start tomorrow.”  Then tomorrow comes and I look for another reason to start tomorrow.

We went to Dancing With The Stars tour in Indianapolis on Sunday.  It was soooo good.  We love watching the talent and creativity of these dancers.  Each dancer had a short video about themselves telling how they started dancing and their journey to DWTS tour.  All of them started very young and have stayed committed for years to dancing, exercising and, as their body shows, healthy eating.

I realized I have not been committed.  In order to commit, you have to sacrifice.  In their cases some of them sacrificed “normal” school functions because they were home schooled.  No prom.  No homecoming. Some of their families sacrificed all the money they had to make their child’s dream come true.  Some of them even sacrificed their family to move across the world to have a better opportunity.  True, true sacrifice.

If you haven’t succeeded in your goals or need a do-over, it’s okay.  It’s okay to start over and it’s okay to not enjoy every step of the way because that’s what commitment and sacrifice are all about.  If you loved every minute of the task, it wouldn’t be a sacrifice.  How bad do I want a healthier, thinner body?  How much do I want to sacrifice?

Jesus sacrificed His life for us.  He did nothing wrong.  Yet He was beaten, mocked, spit upon and stabbed.

That puts the word sacrifice back into perspective for me.  He did that and I can’t sacrifice a few days a week and some chocolate!!  WOW!!

What’s heavy on your heart or mind today that you know you need to be more committed to but haven’t made that last leap of faith to sacrifice?  Do it today.  Grab hold of my hand and let’s take this leap of faith; this step of sacrifice together!  One…Two…Three…Go!