Today’s post is part 2 to yesterday’s post regarding the Dare To Be event where Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill encouraged us to step outside of our comfort zone and dared us to do what  God is calling us to do!!  Let’s not be afraid to let God lead us.

Leading up to each Dare To Be event, a person can be nominated for a “Dare To Be” award to be presented at the specific event the nominated recipient will be attending.  During the show, Natalie and Charlotte began the story of this day’s award winner.

They began telling the story of a lady who dared to step out of her comfort zone along with her husband, a pastor, and had moved to a not-so-great area in Louisville that was known for drug abuse.   This Christian woman had 5 children and she and her husband felt God leading them to adopt 2 more.  Seven children!  Then they took in 3 additional children as God led them to be dynamic witnesses for Christ.  You can only imagine the financial burden that came with this following.

The wife/mother was in a terrible car accident and then came down with lyme disease and has been fighting the effects of this disease for a while and experiencing times when she just doesn’t feel well.  Medical bills were piling up.

Through Dare To Be, Charlotte and Natalie recognized this lady for taking the dare and following God’s leading to step out of their comfort zone and into God’s calling.  They called her up on the stage into the spotlight – where she definitely did not want to be.  She stood obediently with tears rolling down her cheeks as Charlotte and Natalie presented her with flowers and a basket of books and CD’s and other goodies.

Then they gave her surprise #1.  They were paying her mortgage for a year.  Thunderous applause erupted from the audience.  I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the auditorium.  Tears fell like a water fall from the gal’s eyes as Charlotte and Natalie hugged her.

Then the love continued with surprise #2.  “We were a little nosey,” Charlotte said as she continued to reveal the surprise.  “we found out how much your medical bills were and we want to pay all of those for you with this $10,000 check.” [paraphrased]

Yes!!  They paid her medical bills AND her mortgage for a year.  She was free and clear!  She had stepped out of her comfort zone to do what God called her to do.  I’m sure there were Sauls along the way telling them it was too dangerous and discouraging their ministry.

But God blessed them and brought Jonathans to them through Natalie and Charlotte and the offering that was collected from the ladies at the Dare to Be event the night before in Illinois.

GOD IS GOOD!!  Take the dare…. step out of your comfort zone and do what God wants you to do!  There are Jonathans waiting to encourage you and God’s got your back!  Go ahead….DARE TO BE!

NG Video  (The video is small and only a portion of the presentation but I hope you can hear how sincere this gift was!)

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