Have you ever looked around your own backyard?  I mean really looked.  See things you overlooked because it’s all too familiar to you?  Never really noticed things because you’re always in a rush to just get things done?

I was playing with the dog this weekend and just looking around my backyard of 17 years and noticed things I forgot were there like an old bicycle we put behind the barn that would make a great decoration when cleaned up a bit.

I noticed a cedar tree that I had never paid attention to before.  I was just thinking how I wanted some cedar to use in decorations for Christmas.  And there it was right in my own backyard!

I realized there were walnuts – huge walnuts – all over the edge of the woods.  And there between the small thicket of trees was the freshly harvested field.  I heard birds chirping and saw a squirrel run up a tree.  I noticed that although it was noisy with traffic on the front side of my house that my backyard was peaceful, quiet, beautiful to me.

It made me think how I handle issues on my own without remembering that Jesus is sitting right in my own backyard of my life just waiting to be noticed.  He is probably shaking His head and saying, “Girl!  Why are you doing that on your own when I am sitting right here wanting to help you?”

I encourage you today to take a look in your own backyard whether it’s a big backyard or a small patch of grass.  Look and see what you’ve been missing.  Then look in your spiritual backyard and invite Jesus inside and let Him help make your day easier.

Sometimes the things we miss but could be enjoying the most are sitting right in our own backyard.