Welcome to my very first blog.  I have felt God calling me to write a book for years now and I’ve just not given in to the call completely.  But today I’ve decided to “step out of the box” – out of my comfort zone and do what I know God wants me to do.  I think He wants me to publish a book and I feel that He is telling me start with a blog and use some of my previous writings for my book to post on my blog.  So I hope to write to you most days of the week.

When I look at the task of publishing a book I am overwhelmed.  Kind of like when the Lord told Moses that He was sending him to Pharaoh to bring the Israelites out of Egypt.  And Moses was like “who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”  (Exodus 3:10-11).  And God said “I will be with you.”  (Exodus 3:12a).

That’s how I felt when I said to the Lord “who am I to publish a book?”  I have a degree in Journalism and Speech and I know the Lord has called me to speak to women’s groups and I love doing that.  I love to write, but I didn’t feel worthy enough or think I had anything to say that would be of interest to anyone.  But the Holy Spirit has continued to nudge me to write.  Just as God talked to Moses in Exodus 4:11-12:  “The Lord said to [Moses], “Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute?  Who gives him sight or makes him blind?  Is it not I, the Lord?  Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” 

And so here I begin my journey of obeying the Holy Spirit’s nudge to write.  I said, “where do I start” and the Lord said “Now go and I will help you know what to say.”   What is it today that God is calling you to do?  Trust Him and step out of your box………….I did!