A few year’s ago, we had a bad storm blow through our little town.  I believe they even called it a hurricane.  Power was shut down in some places for over a week.  Our area was without power for 3 days.  People were getting angry and frustrated because they needed their power source.

I don’t know how many times I would go into a room and flip on the light switch!  Completely out of habit because I was so used to having power connected to that little switch.  TV’s wouldn’t work.  Refrigerators and freezers were turning warm. Boredom was setting in because we couldn’t watch television and couldn’t read very well by candlelight.

After several hours and realizing we may be without power for days, my husband decided to start up the old generator.  We took extension cords and ran through the house to the TV, a lamp, the refrigerator and freezer and plugged into the newly fired-up power source.  WALAH……power!!

It felt so good to have that source that could get us back to have some light in the house…. not to mention a little football on the tube!

What is it that you are trying to do on your own today and you just can’t do it because you are trying to create your own power source?  What are you trying to do on your own will power instead of the “real power”?

Give it up today and get plugged into the real power source.  Jesus is sitting right there waiting to give you His power.  He wants to be your Power Source.  It’s yours for the asking.  All you gotta do is go flip on the switch!