This week is an awesome week to spread kindness around the world.  The Random Act of Kindness organization has declared this Kindness Week.  There are so many ideas on the Random Acts of Kindness website.

There are also many ideas you could select from just by doing a “random act of kindness” word search on Pinterest® site.

Each day this week I want to share a kindness act done by someone and inspire you to do a kindness act a day.  When you do, send me an email at so I can keep track of kindness acts just from this post.  Your name will not be shown.  You can also go out to my page on the RAK site  and see the challenge for the day and do it.  RAK wants to see how many kindness acts are being done around the world!!!  I promise you that the awesome feeling of giving will bless you beyond belief.  Do your kindness acts anonymously if you choose.  You get the joy of GIVING and the recipient gets the joy of having been GIVEN TO.


I had my van parked in the parking lot and when I returned, there was a note that said “Deanna, have a great day!” and it was signed by my friend.  Under the note on the windshield, she had left a gift card to the local coffee shop!!  What a great idea!


Purchase a $5 gift card from a fast food restaurant or coffee shop and leave it for someone special!

Have a great day spreading kindness today!!