When we attended Dancing With The Stars tour our daughter and her friend were so excited.  We all love watching the show but they truly wanted to meet these celebrities because they were in awe of their talent, their celebrity status and well….their accents! haha  Those Australian, British and Russian accents!

On the way home they talked about what would they do if they met Sharna or Val or Laurie Hernandez (the Olympic gymnast).  What would they say to them?  Would they ask Sharna a lot of questions to hear that really cool accent?

I remember feeling that way when working fundraisers for Make A Wish Foundation and getting to meet the Indianapolis Colts players.  Reggie Wayne always gave me a hug each year.  He didn’t know my name but he remembered he had seen me before.  It is a really cool feeling to be acknowledged by someone we put high on a pedestal.

When we reach heaven, will Jesus recognize us?  Will He remember that He had seen us do His work on this earth before?  Will He know our name?  The answer is “yes, He will recognize us.”  “Yes, He will remember us” and “Yes He will know our name”.

The bigger questions are:  Did you recognize Him and do His work and proclaim His name while on this earth?

Jesus was speaking in Matthew 10:32-33 – Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven.  But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven.

Acknowledge Jesus in everything you do.  Become His friend and let Him lead you everyday as you travel this path to heaven.  It will be devastating if you are not recognized by the only One that matters on judgment day.  Please, I beg you, today, develop a relationship with the #1 “celebrity” of this universe.  Jesus already knows your name.  He just wants you to call upon His.