I’m about over watering my flowers!  I love my flowers but about this time of the season, I’m ready to move on to fall decorations – straw, pumpkins, and scarecrows!

However, I felt kind of bad because the flowers were still alive and blooming but due to the extreme heat, me being sick last week and my little “water girl” going back to college, the flowers were beginning to experience curled-up leaves and wilting blossoms.

My husband felt there was hope to save the pretty little blooms, so he watered them for me.  Then nature found her way down through the clouds and watered them some more.

Bottom line… they are absolutely beautiful again!  They survived hot, hot weather and lack of moisture, but with water added they were back to showing their beauty.

Do you feel wilted today?  Are you ready to throw in the towel and just move on to the next thing? Have you neglected your quiet time and prayer time?  Are you feeling dried up?

I have the solution.  Stop.  Open your Bible.  Pull out your devotional.  Spend some time in prayer.  God wants to wrap His arms around you and fill you with Living Water to bring you back to Him today.  Wilted and dried up?  Just add water… the kind from heaven sprinkled with His everlasting love.