“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”.

That’s a well-known saying.  I even have the words on my wall with a bunch of pictures from our travels around the country.

I looked at those words this morning and it took on a whole new meaning.  I looked at it from a Christian perspective.

I have always tried very hard to be a rule-follower.  I grew up thinking that if I didn’t follow the rules no one would love me.  I thought God wouldn’t love me and would punish me.  It took a long time but I realized that wasn’t the case.  God loves us no matter what.  Is He disappointed if we stray from Him?  Absolutely.

But did you ALWAYS follow the rules?  Have you gone over the speed limit?  And what about children?  We tell them not to do something and that makes them want to do it.  We tell them to not write on the walls and inevitably they will write on the walls.  Everyone wanders from the rules…………everyone disobeys authority……………..everyone sins.

But Christ died for all of us wanderers.  God knew we couldn’t always follow the right path and therefore He set up a plan for forgiveness and hope.  I think that is why God gave me a different perspective on this saying this morning.  We pray for those who are lost; for those who are not living the desired life God tells us to live.  But I think He was telling me to not give up hope.  Keep praying for those loved ones and friends who seem to be wandering away from God.  Do not lose hope.

Why?  Because God is a faithful God.  He is in control of EVERYTHING!  He is everywhere and knows everything!  He is in charge of Plan A and Plan B.  So trust HIm…….never give up hope.  Because not all those who wander (from God) are lost.  Keep praying for their safe return!