There’s a knock on the door.  “Who in the world could that be?  No one ever comes to visit anyone anymore.  It’s usually a text message or an email. ”

You dry your hands from the mess of preparing dinner as you hear another knock on the door, a little stronger this time.  “What in the world?!”

You look through the window and it takes your breath away.  Standing there is a stranger in a suit with balloons, the biggest bouquet of flowers you have ever seen and what looks like a huge piece of cardboard.  Is that a news camera?  Are people videotaping my house?  Who are these people?

You look to the left and see a sign on the van parked in the driveway…PUBLISHER’S CLEARINGHOUSE.  You quickly open the door, hands over your gaping mouth, heart beating fast and hard, eyes as big as saucers, the inability to think straight and no words to be spoken.

You extend your sweaty palm to shake hands with the gentlemen explaining you are the next Publisher’s Clearinghouse winner of millions of dollars of cash for the rest of your life.  “What will you do with this money?”  the stranger asks.

You say what comes to mind first:  “I will pay off my debts.  I will build a new house.  I will share it with my family and friends and I will give some away to help those who need it.”  WOW!!

Isn’t that an awesome scenario to think about?!  I’m sure we’ve all done it – had visions of what to do if we won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse prizes.  It’s fun to think about how we would live this life of ease and perfection.

Jesus is knocking at our heart’s door right now.  At first we may wonder what in the world is happening.  What is this feeling we have come over us that we can’t explain?  But then we realize it’s Him.  He’s not carrying a big ole check or a bouquet of roses or balloons.  What He is carrying is a cross.

He’s not offering a large sum of money every week for the rest of our life.  What He is offering is forgiveness, salvation and eternity in heaven which exceeds this physical lifetime.  It is forever and ever. Unconditional love.  Past forgiven. Your future taken care of.

Once we accept this gift, what will we do with it?  I hope we will live for Jesus to thank Him for paying off our debt of sin.  I hope we will begin to build up our treasures in heaven.  I hope we will share the good news with our friends and our family and begin sharing it with strangers and those who need Jesus.

Knock. Knock.  Who Is It?  It’s not Publisher’s Clearinghouse.  It’s much better.  It’s Jesus with a prize of a lifetime!

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”  Revelation 3:20.